Friday, 24 February 2017

Commodity-Metals Shares-Are They Breaking Out?

Metals have seen their last highs in mid 2010,Though nifty has rallied to life time highs,metal scrips could not break out upside.
They might have come up with nifty,but I don't call it as a rally.

Copper has been continuously cracking from 600 levels to odd 200 levels till last year,from mid march the stage seems to be set with global rise in demand for copper/aluminium. copper has surged from 280 odd levels to 400 plus in last three has been consolidating and continuously trapping bears.While writing this post it stands tad above 400.Coming back to our metal scrips,they have taken positive momentum from global commodities and seems to be ready for a break out.With IT,PHARMA sectors loosing steam,metals seems to be taking charging of niftys rally towards 9000 levels.

Vedanta-from the merger of sesagoa with sterlite industries,everybody expected this scrip would be a mutibagger,however it fell to the levels of 70 in feb 2016 before seeing steady rise,however it has broke 2015 high of 235 levels and sitting comfortably above 250 levels.This scrip has seen good volumes of buying lately.

Another under rated scrip in this sector is Hindalco,with due respects to the fact that this company hasn't given returns to investors,but charts show positive momentum,a breakout above 190 levels can attract further buying,this scrip can be kept on radar,and can be accumulated on dips.

Nmdc,Hind zinc,jsw steel also look good as per valuations,but they don't actually see aggressive movements in one direction.But they are all worth watching going ahead.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Algo Trading-HFT Trades-Retail Investors

Dear Readers,am writing this post after a year,this post would highlight the effects of high frequency trades and algorithams on reatil trades.

way back till 2014,market trades were not supervised by algorithams or say softwares,a technical trader would easily track a sucessful break out,many technical indicators would help, i used to use bolinger bands,macd combining with candel stick patterns and ofcourse open interest and p/c ratios in futures segement.All this data helped a lot for retail investors using technical analysis.

Now technology has taken over markets,big players like funds and brokerages having proprietary trading are widely using algorithms,on a normal day 95% of trading is done by softwraes,everything is programmed,Funny part is these programs target technical investors,il try to explain with a example below

say am technical trader and waiting for same break out,i found exide industries breaking 200  intraday (its trading below 200 from past few years),for a technical person its a sureshot buy,and without any further delay i go long on it,as the softwares also display huge green candles with spurt in volumes,so i close the day by accumulating some lots,now all my trades are tracked and it opens gap down next morning with continuos falling till 185 levels intraday,and you wonder how it happend as there were huge volumes with increase in OI.ultimately i realize that it was a false breakout am stuck,so i rush to squareoff and remember i was not only one who went long technically,this rush will further push the scrip down..making all retail longs wash out.

now the challenge is how to identify the real longs? which technical indicator to follow? the answer for this is in fact none.All trades are captured and no way to escape.many of you have felt that as soon as you go long on some scrip it immediately comes down(only 10% chances that you are on right direction)

let me give live example,hope you people remember the BREXIT day,markets opened less than 2% down and all global markets were cracking,all technical indicators showed sell,and nifty broke long term resistance and spurted down,it lead to many technical shorts,now big players manipulated the market and with no volumes nifty cleraed all its early losses.This is only one among many instances.

shall try to explain in next post how zero cost brokerages are taking advantage of these trades using softwares.stay tuned.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

For my Followers

Dear readers,am just overwhelmed to see my followers visiting this blog everyday expecting a post on intraday calls,the average clicks on this blog stands at 500 per day even though i remained inactive for more than one year.My mailbox flooded with messages asking for subscription.Dear friends let me make very clear that i have not stopped posting on blog because paid subscriptions have taken toll on me(as many of you quoted this reason on your mails ).All these days i was working on some new indicator,which i have tried to test in various markets,am posting this message after i realised that my indicator is fetching returns in any type of market.I would be giving calls everyday  based on new indicators from now on twitter,interested people can follow.

Kindly do not mail me for subscriptions,i have stopped giving paid service.Any queries can be sent through email,for which i would be replying.

AND AGAIN the calls would be only for educational purpose and are not buy/sell recommendations for anyone ( Disclosure as per sebi norms)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Intraday calls for 9-4-2015

Markets likely to see gap up Opening.resistance for nifty at 8750

Am going long on Tata motors with target of 569 sl at 559

Going long on Hpcl with target of 684 sl at 668

The above calls are only for educational purpose and are not any buy/sell recommendations for anyone.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Intraday calls for 27-3-15

Markets likely to open Flat,support for nifty at 8270

Am going short on Bpcl with target of 755 sl at 771

would Add sslt and Hindalco on dips

The above calls are only for educational purpose and are not any buy/sell recommendations for anyone.

subscriptions are open

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Intraday calls for 26-3-2015

Markets likely to Open lower,support for nifty at 8500

Going short On Ioc with target of 346 sl at 356

Going long on torrent Pharma with target of 1172 sl at 1137

The above calls are only for educational purpose and not any buy sell recommendations for anyone

Subscriptions are open

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Intraday calls for 25-3-2015

Markets likely to open Flat,support for nifty at 8480

Am going long on Care with target of 1509 sl at 1468

would continue to hold Biocon and Exide

The above calls are only for educational purpose,and not any buy/sell recommendations for anyone.

subscriptions are open