Monday, 30 September 2013

book partial profits

Book partial profits in lic housing at 186.50

Intraday calls for 30-9-2013

Markets would open lower,support for nifty at 5800

If index recovers later during the day buy india cements with a target of 51.60

If bank index recovers one can go long on karnataka bank.

If nifty moves further south side short bharat forge if it breaks 245.5 with a target of 242 sl at 252.2

if nifty weakens short mcleod russel with target of 250,249 sl@257, lic housing can be shorted if bank index weakens with a traget of 189 sl@198

apart from this bearish on future retail,asian paints.

Further calls would be updated during market hours.

It would be better to trade with strict stop loss.

Friday, 27 September 2013


Today market was so weird,glad to see shorting targets are achieved,but got feed back from readers that many entered in tata steel,would like to mention that it was bullish on charts but as its first day of this series their would be tug of war between bulls and bears with each trying to take grip on the scrip so taking calls on days like these would be difficult. Tata steel had support at 292-289 levels which it broke,next support would be at 285,i strongly recommend my readers to trade with strict stop loss,one may argue what is the use of keeping stop loss at 5-6 points below which will leave in loss but it is reality and only source to cut down losses and go with the flow else market would kill us.
one typical example is RCOM 's movement today..its bearish  on charts,i gave a target of 152,150 but in early trade it even touched 156 and was not getting down from 155 but ultimately it has to respect technicals and we have seen targets of 152 and 150 hitting..same happened with tata motors and unitech.
One more point i would like to drive is going long in chicken market is not at all advised unless and until we are very bullish on that counter like todays movement in aurobindo pharma.,one needs to look at volumes also in morning trade,though if scrip is bullish but if falling with volumes it would be better to be cautious. I advise readers to strictly follow this tips.
Another important point worth mentioning is strictly following levels,one needs to respect it like i have mentioned in the post that after 194 higher levels are seen in auro pharma,one should and must enter only at 195-196 levels,it doesnt make any sense entering at 201-202 levels wen already making highs,i know it would be very difficult to decide on enter and exit levels,very soon i shall come out with a brief report on selecting enter and exit levels. Good luck and Happy trading

Intraday calls for 27-9-2013

Markets would remain range bound,support for nifty at 5800,resistance at 5945

If index strengthens buy tata steel with target of 304 sl at 294

 If nifty shows weakness short RCOM with a target of a 152,150 sl at 160

Short unitech with a target of 16 sl at 17.5

If index weakens short tata motors with target of 342,339

Exide industries is also an bullish conter.

Further calls would be updated during market hours.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Book profits

Book partial profits in aditya birla and arvind,keep booking profits dont neglect as its expiry stocks may behave strange.

Intraday calls for 26-9-2013

Markets would open lower and remain for nifty at 5800

if market weakens Short arvind with target of 79 sl at 82.2.

if index supports Buy adityabirla nuvo with target of 1223 sl @1187 {enter wen it dips}

still bullish on auro pharma,if 194-195 levels are broken higher side can be seen

Dabur continuosly failed to make ups,short if it breaks 165

asian paints has support at 472,468,if broken go shorting.

add zeel to your portfolio if it breaks 244 and 248 levels and if closes above it

further calls would be updated during market hours.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hope Everyone Booked profits

Dear readers hope everyone booked profits in zeel,got numerous mails appreciating as i coudnt reply every one,mentioning in this post,Thank you all.In last two sessions This blog gave two multibaggers ..i.e titan and zeel which multiplied my clients money,apart from shorting targets.Cheers!!!!!


Targets profits in crompton greaves and indiabulls real estate.

Intraday calls for 25-9-2013

Markets would remain flat and range bound. support for nifty at 5800

If market recovers Buy auropharma with a target of 194,if 194 is broken higher levels are seen.

If nifty weakens short crompton greaves with a target of  85.5,sl at 89.

Short indiabulls real estate with a target of 54.3 sl at 57.5

zeel has resistance at 231,232 go long if it breaks it with a target of 234.

Further calls would be updated during market hours.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Book profits

Book profits in crompton greaves at 86 and exit it. all targets achieved today.cheers!!

Book profits

Targets reached.Book partial profits in auro pharma and indiabulls real estate.

Intraday calls for 24-9-2013

Markets would remain flat and range for nifty at 5800

If markets recover later during the day buy auropharma with a target of 192 sl at 185.

If nifty shows weakness short Indiabulls real estate with a target of 55.3 sl at 58

Short crompton greaves with a target of 86.9 sl at 93

All previous calls rpower,dishtv would trade stronger.

United phosphorus has formed bearish pattern its also an shorting idea but wait for conformation

Further calls would be updated during market hours.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Targets achieved even in Bear market

Glad to see that targets achieved,book partial profits in Titan industries, Rpower, coal india.

Intraday calls for 23-9-2013

Markets likely to open lower,support for nifty at 5986.

If index strengthens later during the market hours buy titan with a target of 237 sl at 227,has tough resistance at 237 if broken higher levels are seen

if index recovers buy adani ent with a target of 156 sl at 144

Coal india can be bought with a target of 306 sl at 294, buy rpower with a target of 73 sl at 68.60

ps: further calls would be updated during market hours.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Day trading-Tips

Day trading and investing are like chalk and cheese,both involve buying of shares but the factors considered are completely different, one takes into acount technical data,while the other looks at its fundamentals. dont try mixing the two.often.if an intraday bets goes wrong,the buyer does not book his loss but takes the delivery of shares and then waits for the price to recover. this can be a costly mistake because the shares were bought with an ultra short term horizon.they may not be worth investing in.

Book profits when targets are met
Greed and fear are the two biggest hurdles for the day trader. just as he should not flinch from booking losses when the trade goes wrong he should book his profits when the shares reach his target. if he feels that there is more upside in the stock he should reset the stop loss. suppose you invest at rs 100 for a target of 110 and a stop loss of 95.if the price goes up by to 110 but you are still bullish raise the stop loss to 108 this will reserve some of the profit.

Dont fight the market trend
Even the most sophisticated analysis cannot predict which way the market will move. all technical factors may be bullish but the market may decline. technical factors only point to the likely movement of the market,they dont guarantee it. if the market is not as per your expectations ,dont try and be a contrarian. you may end up loosing more.

Small is beautiful
While the stock investments can yeild stupendous returns,be content with small gains from intraday trading. day traders get a leverage of almost 13-14 times their investment,so even if your stock goes up 3% you would have earned much on your investment. its rare for large cap stocks to move by more than 5-6% in a day,even if you get return of 10-12% on your capital,its not bad for days work.

Invest what you can afford to loose
Intraday trading carries more risk than investing in stocks. invest only the amount that you can afford to loose. an unexpected movement can wipe out your entire investments in few minutes. In jan 2009 satyam computer scrip fell more than 80% from 188 to 31 in one day,if its leveraged position you could loose more than invested

 choose highly liquid shares
Day traders must square their positions at the end of the trading session. This is easy if you are trading in large cap, index based stocks,which are very liquid and get traded in huge columes. dont dabble in mid cap and small cap shares when the traded volumes are not large you could end up holding shares that have no buyers at the end of the day.

Trade only in 2-3 scrips at a time
Its prudent to diversify your portfolio when you are investing in stocks,but when it comes to day trading confine yourself to just 1-3 stocks. you can have 8-10 in watch list but dont trade more than 3 at a time,some movements need to be tracked closely by the day trader and you wont be able to monitor more than 2-3 stocks at a time.

Research watch list thoroughly
Read up on the 8-10 stocks on your day trading watch list,you should know all forthcoming corporate actions (stock splits,dividends,mergers) as well as technical levels of the stock.

Fix entry price and target levels
Before you buy fix your entry price and target level. The psychology of the buyer changes after he has bought a stock which would interfere with his judgement and nudge him into selling quickly even if the price moves up marginally. this mite cost him the oppurtunity to fully gain from upside. if you set yourself a price target and adhere to it your psychological frame will not change.

use stoploss to contain impact
A stop loss is atrigger for selling shares if the price moves beyond a specified limit, it helps the buyer limit his losses in case the share belies his expectations and moves in either direction.suppose you buy 20 shares of reliance at 940 each and set a stop loss of 920 if the share falls to 920 your shares will be this manner your losses will be curtailed even if the share drops to 900. A STOP LOSS TAKES THE EMOTIONS OUT OF DECISION TO SELL.

Message to traders.

This post is to share about  call on 10-9-2013 on Shriram transport finance corporation,on that day i felt that pattern was worth posting and i did it wen price was around 550 significant mails asking whether to buy,i only replied that patterns communicate us continuously and its one such pattern and suggested to go long for short term,today i.e on 20-9-2013 {within 8 working days} the scrip touched 648...around 98 profit on each share with in just 8 days,and today got some mails appreciating and some regretting for not going long . I would only tell one thing that market is for brave hearted and trading with perfect reasoning and rationality would always bring good returns. 

Book profits

Book profits in Gail and exit it completely,can renter again if markets settles

Intraday calls for 20-9-2013

Today movement would be based on Rbi policy . Resistance for nifty at 6194

If Rbi impresses the street go long on allahabad bank and yes bank.

If nifty strengthens buy gail with a target of 332,334 sl at 323

buy biocon with a target of 345 347 sl at 331.

All IT stocks are shorting ideas bearish on Techm and wipro.

As posted earlier bullish on ambuja and acc, if ambuja manages to sustain the current levels it would see higher levels further

Further calls would be updated during market hours
PS: as yesterday and todays movement is entirely due to newsflow ,technicals in most cases wont work so trade with a strict SL and dont enter in early trade.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Friends thanks for making this blog a successful one. Got more than 7000 views in the first week itself after starting the blog.

Its good to see some analysts now giving targets ,which this blog has given past week itself..some of the picks include Asian paints,acc.dishtv,biocon.siemens , shriram transport, Bharat forge and many more..

Analysts on media give calls only after the scrip has got enough bull run and retail investors who enter then get trapped. I dont dare to ask to neglect those calls ,but you can surely cross check in this blog.


Book profits in dlf , asian paints,allahabad bank,acc.
book profits timely as its volatile rally.

Intraday calls for 19-9-2013

Markets would open higher because of Federal decision. resistance for nifty at 6075.

Dlf has tough resistance at  164 if broken higher levels are inevitable and today it would happen. sl at 150

Buy allahabad bank with a target of 83 sl at 79.2. Banking space would remain bullish today.Idbi bank,yes bank are also bullish

Continue to hold asian paints with a target of 452 sl at 440

Buy biocon with a target of 337,339 sl at 323

AS posted yesterday bullish on both acc and ambuja cements.
acc has tough resistance at 1077 which its failing to break,if broken higher levels are inevitable.Ambuja is also one such pick if breaks 188 higher levels are seen

Fii favourite scrips icici bank and ongc would gain significantly today.

Further calls would be updated during market hours.

Federal reserve decision

Federal reserve said it would continue buying bonds at an $85 million monthly which it was doing previously. The committee decided to wait for more evidences that progress will be sustained before withdrawing stimulus. so this means dollars would continue coming to India for few more months.its an good news for emerging economies like India.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

book partial profits in asian paints

book partial profits in asian paints and it can be put on hold for further sessions.

Book profits in NTPC

All those who were holding ntpc can exit partially now,as i replied to many mails saying ntpc is hold for two days,it worked out today. amid volatility one should exit partially now.

Intraday calls for 18-9-2013

Markets to remain flat during morning trade. support for nifty at 5816

If nifty supports buy ambuja cements with a target of 184,186. a close above 188 will take it to higher levels

Bullish on acc,it has tough resistance at 1077,if broken higher levels are inevitable further calls can be acc with target of 1077,sl at 1023

Buy sun tv with a traget of 413,415 sl at 398.

Bullish on asian paints, aclose above 450 can take it to 465 levels.

IN banking space allahabad bank and yes bank are good bets.

further calls would be updated during market hours.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Book partial profits in Bharat forge and continue holding it for further targets.

Intraday calls for 17-9-2013

Markets would remain flat in morning trade. support for nifty at 5816.

If market strengthens Buy ntpc with target of 145,stoploss at 141

Go long on bank scrips if bank nifty showing strength, buy Bob with target of 543 sl at 530,go  long n allahabad bank with target of 83.6

Buy bharat forge with a target of 263 strict sl at 257(if it breaks 263,further upside is seen)

Further calls would be updated during market hours.Trade with a strict SL as there is every possibility for market to slip.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Book partial profits

Targets achieved  Book partial profits in banking stocks as per given calls and continue holding.

Intraday calls for 16-9-2013

Markets would open higher today.resistance for nifty at 5988.

buy allahabad bank with target of 82.5. stop loss at 78.2

Buy canara bank with atarget of 235,237 sl at 223

Buy arvind with a target of 85.5. stop loss at 82.2

Buy pnb with a target of 524.

All my previous calls of last week, dish tv,adani power,tata power would continue trade strong

Further calls will be updated during market hours.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Top 2 picks for long term investments

larsen and tourbo

its best scrip which is available at  very worthy valuation. after poor performance in Q1 it was beaten down badly,its right time for retail participants to enter with time horizon of 2-3 years. it valuation now is at 10 year low. it has seen order inflows lately. the company is expected to close books with outstanding order book of 186000 crore which is equivalent to 3 times its 2013 revenue has very good exposure to global markets which adds to its strength.

amararaja batteries

it has displayed consistant increase in sales,good volume growth, better product mix with aided margin expansion. its volumes are better than its peer exide industries. exide is trading at 15.3 times its FY14  price to earnings estimates while amara raja is trading at at 14.5 times its FY14  price to earnings, amar raja imports half of its lead material from abroad and the lead prices have also fallen in global markets with currency stabilising its operating margin is seen increasing. but its trading around 300 ,one should wait for a dip to enter.

Friday, 13 September 2013


friends today also our targets achieved..even in chicken partial profits in adani power and tata power and hold on..CHEERS

Intraday calls for 13-9-2013

Markets would remain volatile initially  because of  Industrial production at 5810, resistance at 5956.

If nifty supports Buy adani power with a target of 36.5,stop loss 33.3 and Buy tata power with a target of 79.

Buy IGL if it breaks 276.5 in early trade ,next target would be 280 + { its trading ahead of its court verdict,so enter with a strict stop loss of 269}

If market weakens  sun tv,yes bank are shorting ideas.

Further strategies would be updated during market hours.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fixed income strategy for LT using options

friends this is an fixed income strategy on larsen and tourbo...Buy 2 lots of 820 call at 31.80
sell one lot of 833 call at 25.15
sell 1 lot of 800 call at 41.50  

where ever the scrip moves uil get an fixed profit of 3.05...
if u want more profits then do it in multiples of lots...
Be swift uil not get counterpartys at exact rates.

ps: 3.05 means 3.05*375{lot size}=1143 { fixed profit where ever the scrip may go...let it be 1000 or 700..thing is dat need to wait stil expiry and scrip must not quote at present price during expiry day which is quiet possible}


friends glad to mention that dish tv target is partial profits in dish tv..

One more sucess story

Tata chemicals target acheived in early trade partial profits and hold it..


Intraday calls for 12-9-2013

Markets to open flat and remain volatile later.

buy Tata chemicals with a target of 250 + keep a stop-loss at 235,if target not achieved today,keep holding it for next few days..its an multibagger pick for this expiry.

Buy dish tv with a target of 45+with a stoploss at 42.8..only if it shows srength at first mins.

acc can also be bought if it shows strength at first hour. it has resistance at 1077

buy dlf if it breaks 153 target would be 158.

apart from this bullish on lupin,rel cap., siemens.

if index shows weakness sun tv is an shorting idea.

PS: Readers are advised to strictly watch and follow the scrip at opening bell and are not advised to enter at opening bell.

further calls if any,wil be updated during market hours.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Summary on Andhra bank and Dena bank

Some operator rather i would say some smart money has entered in the counters of andhra bank and dena bank,though nifty had bull run of 400 points these scrips were unmoved but today they have thrown surprises,though its an bullish signal,it can also be a trap as no exit of bears is found,but what supports here is good volumes so risky traders can go long tomorrow if it shows strength with buying pressure during opening hour.
however andhra bank has tough resistance at 56 and 57.3
dena bank has resistance at 53.4.

Another beautiful target achieved

Friends as posted earlier,exide industries call was given at 127 and target of 132 achieved sucessfully. Cheers!!!! 

Book profits

Book profits in zeel at 233,re enter if it breaks 235-236,exide stil looks strong.those who entered at 127.5 r 127 exit at 129,re enter if it breaks 131.
Hope booking profits is also done in LIC.
dont go for shorting yet,if europe markets open red go on shorting

Intraday calls for 11-9-13

Markets will open flat today,any slippage in nifty will cause selling pressure and profit booking.Support for nifty at 5833 and resistance at 5936

watch ioc,if it shows weakness at opening,Short Ioc with a target of 218,if 218 is broken then much downside is ahead.

Bulls are still their in asian paints ,tough resistance at 453 and 456,if its successfully crosses these with volumes,then target would be 460 +..but remember bears are still their in this counter,any slip in index will take this down.

Huge shorts are piled up in DLF and ranbaxy..till now no bears exited the counter...they are waiting for a chance..

ZEEL has a target of 235,it has tough resistance at 234-235..many a times it has fallen to 220 levels but quickly bouncedback to can keenly watch its strength and if index supports go long..

Bank of baroda,opollo tyres ,biocon are good shorting ideas..They are extremely bearish.If nifty falls,this will move extreme south wards.
 apart from this bullish on Sun pharma,lic housing finance.

exide industries is another interesting counter where bulls trying hard to take control..if nifty supports it will move to 130 levels.

PS; after a bull run of four consecutive sessions,a slight slip in nifty will have significant selling pressure.

Readers are strongly recommended to watch out this scrips on opening bell and conform their action before entering.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fry pan bottom pattern formed by Shriram transport finance.

The pattern formed by shriram transport finance is called as fry pan pattern technically,typically because it looks like fry pan.The fry pan bottom reflects market which is bottoming and whose price action forms a concave design. The bullish conformation is STILL NEEDED. However risky traders can go long tomorrow. i.e on 11 -9-13. This pattern only shows stock has bottomed out and bears have exited the counter..But we need to be cautious because its not sure whether bears really have exited the counter or present rally is only because of index rally..conformation can be seen tomarow.

Book profits before its too late

Book profits in biocon,adanipower {those who shorted it}.
better exit from volumes..being profits at 470.

Targets achieved in morning trade itself

Almost all targets profits in asian paints(Target 440 reached .exit it),axis bank,siemens,icici,indusind bank..
as posted cairns is having long liquidation..Dont enter shorts yet..Howeva if nifty weakens short andhra bank,canara bank,biocon ,adani power as posted previously.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Intraday calls for 10-9-2013

As mentioned in the previous post we shall have a gap up opening tomarow.
Buy asian paints if it crosses 434(with volumes),target such their are shorts build up in asian paints but the yesterdays white candle shows bears loosed control as nifty is at opening and if nifty supports continue holding til closing bell,if nifty weakens bears will take over.if it closes above 434 its bullish,next immediate calls can be bought for next few days

Andhra bank,canara bank,dabur,adani power,biocon are in short zone  bears are in grip,see the strength at opening and short it..

Buy siemens,axis bank,icici bank, arvind,indusind bank.

In dlf bears are exiting but still there are some shorts..have a close look at positions buliding during market hours and enter.

Cairn india is having long liquidation,trend is about to change..same with biocon.

Tata motors dvr is also not able to break resistance from a long time even in bullish market..its aso an shorting idea..puts can be bought if it fails to break 158

ps; short selling in bullish market is not recommended,the short scrips above quoted are those in which shorts have been built up,bears will take control once nifty shows weakness or sometimes from opening bell itself they tend to fall.

Technical analysis on nifty for tuesday 10 september

Nifty is going to gave a gap up opening tomorrow,actually it had a good support at 5600, which was broken on 6-8-2013, as a result we have seen much downside, but how ever it has bottomed out and we could see yesterday it broke major resistance of 5680 which shows we have further upside left and strongly suggests we could have gap up tomorrow { unless if there is any bad news from us markets which will be active tonite}.one can go long on nifty and next resistance is around 5755 and next immediate support is arround 5590.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Technical summary for Dabur for next week

DABUR has formed triple mountain pattern where it has tested highs thrice and failed to go up and i consider this as deadly bearish sign for the scrip and can be concluded its in short zone. one can short it at opening if it starts showing weakness and if fails to break 170 and move ahead even in bullish market,and buy 160 put which is now asked at 3.60 given on 9-8-2013..lets watch out..
Intraday calls for 6 september

bullish on

Yes bank
tata global
aurobindo pharma


andhra bank
Intraday calls for 5th september

Bullish on
 tata motors dvr
sun tv


Intraday calls for 4th september

bullish on

tata motors dvr
tata global
cairn india


Federal bank
dish tv
andhra bank
Intraday calls for 3rd september

bullish on

Tata global
sun tv
axis bank
tata motors dvr
asian paints

 Federal bank
Vijaya bank
Andhra bank
idea cellular

ps; calls based on technical analysis
Intraday calls for 2nd september 2013

Bullish on 

Tata global
sun tv
sun pharma
reliance capital

united phosphorus

ps; calls based on technical analysis
Intraday calls for 30 august 2013

Bullish on:
shriram transport finance
mcleod russel


Adani ports and adani power.

ps; calls based on technical analysis