Saturday, 29 August 2015

For my Followers

Dear readers,am just overwhelmed to see my followers visiting this blog everyday expecting a post on intraday calls,the average clicks on this blog stands at 500 per day even though i remained inactive for more than one year.My mailbox flooded with messages asking for subscription.Dear friends let me make very clear that i have not stopped posting on blog because paid subscriptions have taken toll on me(as many of you quoted this reason on your mails ).All these days i was working on some new indicator,which i have tried to test in various markets,am posting this message after i realised that my indicator is fetching returns in any type of market.I would be giving calls everyday  based on new indicators from now on twitter,interested people can follow.

Kindly do not mail me for subscriptions,i have stopped giving paid service.Any queries can be sent through email,for which i would be replying.

AND AGAIN the calls would be only for educational purpose and are not buy/sell recommendations for anyone ( Disclosure as per sebi norms)