Monday, 16 December 2013

Book profits

Book partial profits in Aurobindo Pharma at 336.CHEERS!!!!


  1. U r great ... 12% a day hike ..
    Brought @330

  2. Sir you are blessing for people like me,we know how operators trap and how they kill small investors,myself was trapped many a times,but Your calls are blessing,90 % of your calls gets achieved in next few days,if it fails then it might be only because of other constraints like news or anouncements.THANK YOU SIR.THANKS A LOT.i enterd aurobindo at 322 and left it,opened it after 3 and was on cloud9.Thanks.God bless you

  3. • JK Paper-Plans Rs 650 crore for investment, To raise USD 5mn from IFC GAIL, NTPC
    • GAIL, NTPC-RGPPL demerger: GAIL to own LNG terminal, NTPC to get power plant