Thursday, 18 December 2014

Intraday calls for 18-12-2014

Markets are expected to see a gap up Opening. Resistance for nifty at 8160

Am going long on Bhel with target of 250 stoploss at 241

Am going long on Arvind with target of 254 stoploss at 243

The above calls are only for educational purpose for technical analysis and are not any Buy/sell recomendations for anyone.


  1. hi sir..what happen to you now a days no input from you..

  2. HAve read about you as independent analyst.Your ideas are thought provoking.Kindly add me also t your subscription list

  3. Dear Hariji among all the media and social,you have left your blog as your foot print..this blog has great history..great all the great things this has also calmed down suddenly.

  4. Good to read about you in article.Hope you come back

  5. Thanking you for educational call but your expectation was right ...............
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  6. Indian markets seen opening higher on strong cues from Asian and US markets. SGX Nifty is trading 78.50 points higher.

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